Bitcoin: the next big thing?

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DALLAS-- Times are rough out there and people are always looking to make an extra buck. For some, those extra bucks come in the form of Bitcoins!

The value of one Bitcoin is approximately $8000  with a net value of $141 billion. Twenty-four-year-old entrepreneur Greg Hemmer is taking Bitcoin by storm! He launched ICO PR service ICO Crow.

"I stream line the process and made it very easy for block chain organizations and cryptocurrencies to market their organization on top websites in the internet." said Greg Hemmer.

So, what is Bitcoin?

"Bitcoin is a digital currency that you are allowed to send to anyone in the world over the internet. It's anonymous and you don't need any bank of financial institution to be involved." said Hemmer

And just last week regulators declined to allow Bitcoin Exchange Trade Fund (ETF) . What does this mean?

"What an ETF allows you to do is you don't own the Bitcoin you own and ETF and you are trading the ETF back and forth rather than going on an exchange" he said.

Bitcoin is being used widely around the world and you can even go shopping with it in certain locations. So, folks if you want to make money you might want to get in the Bitcoin business.

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