Bill Leaves DFW Lakes With Flood Fallout

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The rain has stopped,the sky has opened up, and Tropical Depression Bill has moved on. But in this case, Bill is gone but not forgotten.

“Tropical Storm Bill Moved slightly west, produced a lot of water up in our water shed that’s all running down this way,” said Grapevine Fire Chief Darrell Brown.

Yeah, with the water rising, boat ramps on Lake Grapevine are closed. In fact, the city’s  mayor  issued a declaration of disaster which would allow the city to issue a mandatory evacuation.

“The gate right here on the camp ground, you could see the top of it the other day, but now you can`t see it anymore, so it becomes a bit of a hazard,” said Grapevine resident Scott Plourde.

And it’s now a hazard for people on the main roads, too!  FM 2499 has officially been closed by  TxDOT and the folks who live nearby are packing up heading to higher ground.

“There is a chance we wouldn’t be able to be back here for several days, so that’s why we’ve taken precautions to be packed and ready for the next few days,” said Peter, who lives in an apartment nearby.

Meanwhile, sandbags line the outside of the first floor units to ward away the water. Boats on  Lewisville Lake also got washed out thanks to Bill`s visit.

“A lot of the boats have some degree of damage, but we’ve got a few that are underwater also,”  said Richard Peters, Vice Commodore of Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club.  They say nearly 40 boats were swept away during the barrage Bill was laying out.

“The water was down three feet when this storm hit; if it had been higher, we might of lost a couple more docks,” Peters said.

As the waters continue to rise, officials say be sure be on the lookout for high water on the road.

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