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DALLAS — An iconic North Dallas burger joint is facing boycotts from some now-former regulars, who are accusing Keller’s Hamburgers of discrimination against bikers.

John Keller says motorcyclists had become a problem at the family-owned restaurant.

“They’re just very unruly,” Keller said.  “I sat across from ’em this week and watched and I just could not believe what was going on.  We decided to make a change.”

That change?

“We will not serve people on motorcycles,” said Keller.  “We want these people to go.”

One of those people, David Grimm, frequented Keller’s with his friends and says he never saw any bad behavior there by his fellow bikers.

“It was, you know, just a really cool family spot to hang out,” Grimm told NewsFix over the phone.  “The times I was there, I never saw anybody being obnoxious or any of that.  That is textbook discrimination.”

To that last part, Keller doesn’t disagree.

“Yes, we’re discriminating against people on motorcycles,” Keller said.  “But we’re really discriminating against unruly people, doesn’t mean it’s an unreasonable discrimination, and we have the right to do that.”

Keller says the policy was a rule at Keller’s for decades when it first opened, and he’s not worried about the impact bringing it back will have on business.

“We don’t want to run off anybody but I felt like I had to,” said Keller.  “This is a good place, it’s gonna be a good family place to come to, and this is the way for 45 or 50 years and we’re just going back to that

But for Grimm and his fellow bikers – who say hot rods, and even bikers in cars have also been turned away – it’s the end of an era.

“90% of what we call ourselves KCC, Kellers Country Club, we’re not going back,” said Grimm.  “We’re done.  I mean, that was kind of a slap in the face.”