Need a Lift? Little Mesh Giving Big Results for Breast Lifts

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DALLAS - When it comes to the bustline, some women are saying bigger isn’t always better. 

“It’s not necessarily about having big breasts certainly anymore. Maybe about 15 years ago, but over the past 10 years, being able to improve the shape of the breast -- that’s what most women want,” Dr. William P. Adams, Jr. said.

Dr. Adams has been giving patients a lift with the help of the GalaFLEX mesh.

Think of it as an internal bra without that itchy tag.

“We place that into the breast, and then it dissolves over time. But when it dissolves, the body’s own tissue is still there to support the breast,” said Adams.

No implants, just mesh.  Some call it a step up from the average breast lift.

“[We have] so many that come in who don’t feel great about themselves after having children, and they want to rejuvenate their breasts, and we’re able to give that to them,” he explained.  “And it really does change their quality of life.”

Like one of Dr. Adams’ patients, Amanda Goldstein.  She’s a mom of two.

“When we had [our son] Cash, nature took on a little bit more, and we really put an extra foot forward to finding a good doctor,” Goldstein said.

Since her procedure a couple years ago, things have been looking up.

“It was very natural and very shapely. I could put all kinds of fancy words around what it feels like to have my body parts where they belong. It almost was breathtaking. It’s just truly amazing.”

The GalaFLEX will cost ya about a grand extra.  Sometimes we all could use a little pick me up.

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