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NORTH TEXAS — Finally, the candidates are spending a little time in Texas. We’ve got more people than all of the previous primary and caucus states combined.

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“It’s the only place that makes Florida seem small,” Marco Rubio said of Texas Friday at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas.

Rubio continued the assault on Donald Trump he started at Thursday night’s debate in Houston.

“What we are dealing with here, my friends, is a con artist. He runs on this idea that he is fighting for the little guy. But he has spent his entire career sticking it to the little guy. Friends do not let friends vote for con artists,” he said to applause and laughter.

Rubio says Democrats are rooting for Trump to win the Republican nomination, “They know the minute he gets the nomination, they will shred him to pieces.”

On the other side of the Metroplex, Trump fired back on Rubio.

“Really, really, weak on immigration, Marco,” Trump said.

While Donald Trump supporters were cramming into the Fort Worth Convention Center, The Donald picked up an endorsement from former candidate Chris Christie.

“The best person to stop Hillary Clinton from ever within ten miles of the White House,” Christie said, describing why he chose to throw his support behind Trump.

So, could these former rivals become running mates?

“I don’t wanna talk about that, but he certainly has the talent,” Trump said.

We’ll get a little more attention from the candidates Saturday morning when Ben Carson speaks in Irving and Bernie Sanders stops in Dallas.

Ted Cruz is in Dallas on Monday, just one day before Texans hit the polls for Super Tuesday. There’s no sign Kasich is coming back.

Maybe he got enough of Texas at Thursday night’s debate.