Beware of April Fools’ Day pranks like pretzel scented essential oils, or the chocolate whopper

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DALLAS, TX-- Easter may be April 1st,  but don't be fooled by people pulling rabbits out of hats because it was April Fools' Day, too!

You might have noticed, several companies are already getting in on the holiday fun.

Auntie Anne's released heavenly scent essential pretzel oils. Who doesn't want to smell like a freshly baked, salty or cinnamon twist pretzel? If you do, you'd smell so delicious, you might have to fight off people trying to lick you.

While licking another person is kind of weird, licking your phone is a whole new level of awkward. Pindrop, a phone and voice communication security company, wanted to take security a step further with it's April Fools' prank.

It's called tongue-printing technology. In an ad, the company claims it analyzes the thousands of tiny bumps on your tongue, as well as shape, size and temperature to accurately identify you.

If that's not your thing, T-mobile has smartphone you definitely won't want to lick. It's the world's first smart-shoephone called the "T-Mobile Sidekicks." These are not the sidekicks you had ten years ago.

If you're looking for an Easter dessert, don't go to Burger King for the Chocolate Whopper. It's also fake news! It's a chocolate cake bun, raspberry syrup instead of ketchup and white chocolate rings instead of onions.

While some of that may sound cool, don't try to order this stuff online, because you won't be living in a fool's paradise when it never arrives.


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