Benbrook PD debuts three-wheel Can-Am Roadster

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Drivers Stopping Cop to Check Out New Police RoadsterBENBROOK — Looks like the Benbrook Police Department is going ‘Back to the Future.’

Well not exactly, but they are testing this Can-Am Spyder Roadster. Hey, last time we saw a cop riding one of these was on the TV show “Almost Human.”

“Everybody likes to see it. Every intersection I pull up to people want to roll down and take photographs,” says officer Josh Hughes “I’ve been flagged over to parking lots just to carry on simple conversation about it.”

Besides looking cool, three-wheelers like this one could be as maneuverable as a motorcycle, but as stable as a car.

“It allows us to maneuver in and out of vehicles to get into spots that most patrol vehicles can’t get in. The safety features way outnumber the motorcycle itself, you can’t have anti-lock brakes or a stability system on a motorcycle,” says Officer Hughes. “It’s does stop very quick, it stops on a dime compared to a regular motorcycle.”

But besides the safety and the innovation, lets be real. This thing is just pretty fun.

“As far as the ten years I’ve been on patrol,” says Officer Hughes “I’ll take this right now, this is fun.”

It’s fun alright, unless your the one getting a ticket!

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