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DALLAS-It’s not the bridal glow you’d expect, but these fit brides are sweating for the wedding. Bells & Barbells is getting Dallas brides ready for their big day!

“I am getting married March 5, which is two and a half weeks away; I was like, ‘I’m only getting married one time. I’m gonna do it right; I’m gonna get a trainer and I want to be in the best shape of my life,’” Nichole Acker said.

“I see them during a stressful period. They come to me; they want to workout, they want to get away from everything that’s bothering them from the wedding planning, so I just help them do it. I help them relax; I help them take care of their bodies,” trainer Katherine Bahlburg said.

Bahlburg is not only committed to helping brides-to-be or #fitwifeys, as she calls her hitched clients, but also help grooms fill out those tuxedos nicely.

“For me, getting married was just day one of the new journey of my life that I’ve really enjoyed up to this point; but I didn’t only want to be fit for the wedding, but also fit for life. And that’s a big thing we do here at Bells and Barbells,” Karla Jimenez said.

“For that big day when you’re going to have photos, when you’re going to have people looking, you have more confidence when you’ve been working out to have those eyes on you,” Katie Venegas said.

“I love that my brides and grooms come from so many different backgrounds because we all just mesh and we help each other in this really great relationship that we form through the engagement period,” Bahlburg said.

In addition to personal training for the big day, Bahlburg says she offers meal plans and special discounts related to health, beauty, and wedding planning.

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