Behind the Turntables with the Official DJ of the Dallas Cowboys

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ARLINGTON — If you’ve been to a Cowboys game this season, you know there isn’t a party like a Dallas Cowboys party. But who keeps the party going?

Well, it’s none other than Erik Jorgensen, better known as DJ EJ, the official DJ for the Dallas Cowboys!

A former baseball player, EJ knew he wanted to continue working in sports and all it took was one phone call for him to set up shop at one of the largest stadiums in the world.

“A friend of mine had come out to Dallas to produce here for the Cowboys and he was looking for a DJ,” says EJ. “He was like, ‘Hey man, we’d love for you to be the DJ for the Cowboys.’ That was 2011 season and since then, I’ve hit the ground running and never looked back.”

His focus during the games is the crowd and he knows they’re ready to party as soon as Jerry opens up those doors.  But this isn’t your mama’s playlist created on iTunes. Every play requires something special.

EJ says, “I’ll come out and work on adding music elements to the scripts so I can focus on the non-scripted elements, like the game play. Like, if there are great defensive plays, sacks, interceptions, huge running plays by Zeke, you know, throw up the X by Dez and everything, too.”

All aspects of the game give EJ the fuel he needs to bring the house down and with the players gearing up for the playoffs; you better believe EJ is too.

“Now I’m like, ‘Ok, what I can do to elevate my game possibly for two games now, if we’re going to get home field advantage, now I’ve got to have two amazing games,’” EJ says. “It’s truly an amazing feeling, very kind of humbling actually, to have this opportunity.”

So the next time you’re at AT&T Stadium, grooving to freshest beats, remember DJ EJ because he’s spinning for you!

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