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DALLAS — It’s the fairy tale that’ll have you calling for your fairy godmother. Now, the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s classic Cinderella is coming to the Music Hall at Fair Park as part of Dallas Summer Musicals 2015.

NewsFix got a special, enchanting backstage sneak peek. Pack your tiaras y’all.

“I’m going to take you around and show you some of the backstage magic here,” Assistant Company Manager Jose Solivan said.  “And here’s the entrance to the stage!”

“We travel with our own deck so we can get our set pieces to move in and off seamlessly and magically. We travel with seven trucks. We have over 50 people that travel with the show, including truck drivers and 27 actors,” he explained.  “It’s like a traveling circus. Our traveling family.”

This production is no small feat. And speaking of feet…

“These are Cinderella’s slippers. They’re just breathtaking,” Solivan said while holding the shiny pair of slippers. “We have stunning costumes. They were designed by William Ivey Long. He actually won the Tony for his costume design for this production. It’s every little girl’s dream.”

Seats will be filled with princesses until June 21.  If you miss the “midnight carriage” to see Cinderella while she’s in the Big D, the show heads to Bass Performance Theatre in Fort Worth June 23-28.

“And you see all these girls, and sometimes their moms dress up like them, and their dads dress up like princes.  It really is a beautiful, beautiful moment to be a part of,” Solivan said. “And I’m really, really lucky to be a part of the show.  It really is magical!”