Behind the Scenes Look at ‘Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F’

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RICHARDSON – In a recording studio in Richardson, engineers and voice actors have been hard at work recording voices for “Dragonball Z: Resurrection F.”

The movie was made in Japan, in Japanese.  Now, FUNimation and OkraTron5000 are replacing the voices with English versions.

We’ve all seen bad English dubs, and that’s why these guys go the extra mile to make sure the new dialogue feels just right.

“It’s incredibly important. You’ll notice we always reference the Japanese first,” said Christopher Sabat, who’s the English voice director for the film and also voices Vegeta and Piccolo. “You’re looking for anything that you can do to make your voice sound like it’s coming out of that character’s mouth.”

Even in the fight scenes!

“It is physically demanding,” Sabat said. “If you aren’t sweating by the time you get out of one of these sessions, you haven’t done your job properly.”

It’s a lot of work, but Sabat has been lending his voice to DBZ characters for over 15 years, and he says it’s all been worth it.

“The one thing I hear the most is, ‘Dude, you were my childhood, I listened to your voice every single day.'”

Once they finish the mixing process, “Resurrection F” in its final form will be in theaters August 4-12.

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