Behind the Magic: ‘As We Lie Still’ Debuts in Dallas

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DALLAS -- "Ladies and gentlemen, what you're about to see is real magic but don't despair, it's still just a trick."

And just like that, we're locked in.

As We Lie Still, a musical that made its debut on Broadway in 2014, has found a home at The Contemporary Theatre in Dallas.

"This show is basically what happens when a magician of the turn of the century 1900's comes in contact with real magic and kind of how that throws his world upside down,” says Wyn Delano, the actor portraying Avi Leiter.

Talk about a plot twist! Now, while the musical is filled with moments of love, life and loneliness, the real secret is the magic.

"There is no off button, you cannot change the channel, those sort of elements true of live theater, make the magic so much stronger,” says magician consultant, Trigg Watson.

Magician Trigg Watson is pretty well versed in illusion but turning his clock back to the 1900's and actually teaching tricks done during that time period took a little more than a sprinkle of fairy dust.

"There are so many layers that come on top of the magic. The script is written, the music has been already set, so the magic really had to fit and further the story so that was certainly a challenge,” says Watson. "I got to revisit a lot of classic magic effects that were performed by magician’s decades ago. The classics that we think of magicians perform, whether it’s making rings link together or floating, levitating a lady a mid-air, those are things that are just as powerful today as they were years ago."

Just remember, magic isn't always special words and special tricks.

Delano says, "The magic draws you in but the story and the actual heart of it is the real magic."




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