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FAIR PARK —  For 50 years, The Sound of Music has enchanted audiences of all ages.

Now, the classic sound of Rogers and Hammerstein’s timeless musical is taking center stage at Fair Park Music Hall.

NewsFix got an exclusive sneak peek at the action behind the curtain.

“This is a brand new production,” B.J. Forman told NewsFix. Forman is the stage manager for the national tour of The Sound of Music.

“Our director, Jack O’Brien, the three time Tony winner Jack O’Brien, has blown the dust off and really ripped the varnish off this show.”

“Jack’s vision was to create this show on stage but make it look very cinematic. So, scenes flow seamlessly from one scene to the other.”

Forman gave NewsFix an exclusive look at the detailed props and elaborate, handmade costumes.

“Audiences are going to find that the iconic moments that they need to see to feel fulfilled are in the play.”