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Bee-Ware: Non Profit Offers Free Services For Bee Infested Homes

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DALLAS- Let`s be honest here: if you`re finding bees inside your home or on your property you could be facing a big problem.

What do you do?  How should you get rid of them?

Well, what if we told you there’s a way you can get rid of those bees without killing them?

Believe it or not, the non-profit organization American Honey Bee Protection Agency is on a mission to save all the bees in North Texas.

“We’re announcing that we have a full time crew in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex that will remove and relocate your honey bees,” Founder, Walter Schumacher explained.

Better known as the “Bee Czar,” Walter says that if his agency doesn’t take action now, the honey bee population will eventually dwindle away to nothing.

“Without the honey bee humans won`t be able to survive, there won`t be enough food on this planet for the amount of people that is on this planet,” Schumacher added.

So instead of dishing out a chunk of change for an exterminator the agency is offering no charge for their sweet services.

Monetary and land donations will be used to put the bees in a place where they will be safe and pollinate in peace.

“If someone comes to your house and say they`re a bee person and want to relocate the honey bees and then they try to charge you $500 bucks ask them to leave and give us a call and we`ll come and get your bees.”

Hey! That’s something we can all live with.

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