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DALLAS — We held out for a while, but the DFW is finally hitting those dreaded triple digits. So, what do you do to survive our annual bout with sweltering temps? Grab an ice cream cone? Take a run through a fountain? How about sledding?

Wait, what?!

Yeah, the folks over at Emergency Ice have just the stuff to make your Christmas in July dream come true.

“We take ice, pulverize it through our snow machines, blow it, kids have a blast,” said Earl Toler with Emergency Ice and DFW Snow Parties.

So, how much ice does it take to turn hot Texas turf into a frozen tundra?

“Our minimum to come out is two tons, which is 110 of our 35-pound bags. And we’ve done them as large as 6,000 bags,” Toler said.

Whoa, that’s a lotta ice!

Hey, at least there’s one place that can produce a little summer snow. Remember that indoor ski resort we were supposed to get in Grand Prairie? Yeah, that project got canned back in February.

Or how about the $3.5 billion winter wonderland in Fort Worth? Yeah, we haven’t heard much about those big plans since the snowy announcement over five months ago.

So, looks like you’ll still have to take a trip to hit the slopes, but you can still bring a little winter weather to your own backyard.