Be Honest: Latino Community Calls For Help on Immigration Issues

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DALLAS,Texas – Now that the election is over and the smoke is beginning to clear, some folks in Dallas are trying to make sure their voices are heard in Washington.

“67% of Latinos said that immigration was their top issue,” Carlos Duarte said. Duarte is the Regional State Director of Mi Familia Vota.

Thursday, they asked for bold and decisive action.

“We are here to call on the President so give us an executive action that will address the undocumented immigrants that have been working and living here in the country and contributing to the economy,” Duarte said.

And they want the new party in charge too. Well, take charge.

“We are also calling on Congress now that it’s in the hands of the Republican Party to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” Duarte said.

The rally was held at the Dallas County Sheriff Office.

“We’re also here to ask the Sheriff Valdez to implement programs that will help the community not incarcerate people that have really not committed any crimes,” Duarte said.

The plan was to meet face to face with Sheriff Lupe Valdez, but there’s just one problem. She’s not in town.

Well, looks like they need to make an appointment. And if that doesn’t work?

“We cannot rely on politicians,” Duarte said. “But we need to rely on ourselves.”

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