DALLAS (KDAF) — Cybercrime is a rising problem not only for large targets like corporations, but small businesses are also feeling its impact.

According to a report from McAfee Enterprise and FireEye, Cybercrime in a Pandemic World: The Impact of COVID-1981% of global organizations have experienced increased cyber threats since the onset of the pandemic, with small businesses being a popular target.

That’s why the Better Business Bureau has compiled a list of five cybersecurity practices to help small businesses get an edge on cybercrime.

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1. Train all employees in cybersecurity best practices

The more your employees know about cybersecurity and all the risks out there, the better protected you will be.

2. Implement role-based access control (RBAC)

This allows you to assign specific permissions to different employees based on their role in the company, controlling who has access to what data.

3. Initiate automated remote backup and data recovery

This practice not only safeguards your data from cyberattacks but also provides you with the ability to restore your data in the event of a data breach. 

4. Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

MFA requires users to provide additional information to prove their identity when accessing company data and systems beyond just their username and password.

Think of this as an extra roadblock preventing hackers from accessing your information      

5. Secure your Wi-Fi networks

It may sound simple but securing your Wi-Fi network will help anchor your cybersecurity.