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DALLAS — Before the Harlem Globetrotters dribbled their way into the American Airlines Center in Dallas, they stopped by the Pecan Lodge to get their hands on the restaurant’s mouth-watering BBQ.

“I’ve been to 74 countries. I’ve been to every single state in the U.S.  Whenever we go into a community, we love to meet the people and we love to get some of the local cuisine,” Harlem Globetrotter Handles Franklin said.

“We heard that this has some of the best barbeque in Dallas, so we want to be where the best is,” said Globetrotter Slick Willie Shaw.

These ‘Trotters couldn’t stop dunking brisket in BBQ sauce.

“I don’t ever wait in lines, but I would wait in line for an hour and a half to get some of this food right here,” Shaw said.

“The fact that they had heard about it from multiple people after they got in town,” Justin Fourton, Owner of Pecan Lodge, said.  ” That was really cool.  To me that says that we’re doing our job and people love it.  We just need to keep that up.”

The Globetrotters perform at the AAC January 24-25.