Restroom Ruckus: Lt. Gov. Blasts FWISD Transgender Policy

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FORT  WORTH — The Fort Worth School Board chambers were filled Tuesday night for the issue that just won’t be flushed away. New Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Kent Scribner recently issued controversial transgender student guidelines for the school district.

“I guarantee you everyone in this room has shared the bathroom or locker room already with people who are transgender and the sky hasn’t fallen down,” one person at Tuesday night’s meeting said.

The guidelines include a new restroom policy that lets students decide which restroom they feel “comfortable and safe” with, regardless of whether they were born that way.

The guidelines also allow students to participate in athletics consistent with their “gender identity,” regardless of what sex is on the student’s birth certificate.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is calling for Scribner’s resignation.

“Sex in Title 9 does not talk about transgender transition,” Patrick said. “This is something that people interpreting Title 9 are putting forth. It has no basis in law and no basis in fact.”

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Scribner opened discussions at Tuesday's standing room only board meeting...

"I'm proud that we're able to support this policy to provide our educators with a framework to make all students," Scribner said. "Whether they are transgender or not, make them feel comfortable and confident in a learning environment."


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