Bad Toys: List of Dangerous Toys You Shouldn’t Buy

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So you want to win the parent the of year  award, eh? That doesn't mean you have to cross off everything on your kid`s Christmas wish list.

But here's a few you might want Santa to forget.

Consumer group W.A.T.C.H  says those wooden play sets sold at Walmart are too dangerous. The pack includes a 4  ½ inch drumstick that could cause a 1-year-old kid to choke.

Same for the Little Cutesies doll. It may look like a girl`s best friend but that bow could detach and become a chew toy for any two year old.

“Hands up, don’t shoot” .... No really!

W.A.T.C.H  says the Swat Electric Machine Gun looks so real  that cops may mistake it for an actual firearm.

Another  big no-no  on the list is the Air Storm Firetek Bow. The light up set is made to be played in the dark but those arrows could go flying so fast, that you'll probably shoot your eye out.

Same for the Bottle Rocket Party Pack. Never know where those will launch to.

When your little boy wants to play Savage Orc or go all Thor on ya, don`t hand him this toy hammer! The plastic`s so hard that it can cause “blunt impact injuries”.

Hey, you really can't measure a growing boy's strength these days.

So, award or not, at least you're keeping the kids safe! Hey, that's always first on any list, right?

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