Bad Day for Cell Phones: Super Bowl Sunday Fumbles

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DALLAS -- Okay, so we all know you're prepping for Super Bowl Sunday, you got your munchies, some beer and your favorite jersey, but what happens when the cheers turn to tears on game day?!

According to Square Trade, as frustrations grow over the calls of the game, some fans get physical with their phones.

An estimated 23 million Americans have damaged their phones or tablets while watching a sporting event! Total cost to repair all those phones, two billion bucks!

So whose fans are the bigger hot-heads?

Seahawks fans win that score, the study showed them to be 11 percent clumsier than Patriot fans.

Here are the most common ways football fans ruin their smart phones:

Watch out for those game day dips, the most dangerous of them all are spinach, guacamole, salsa and french onion dips.

Okay, now we're hungry!

You also want to steer clear from the toilet, 20 percent of Americans have dipped their phone in the loo.

Hey there can only be one winner on Sunday, just make sure you're not the loser who needs a new phone.

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