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DEEP ELLUM, TX – Hey, we do a lot to make sure our “assets” are well-rounded. But in one Dallas case, things turned deadly.

According to the arrest warrant, Denise Ross and Jimmy Joe “Alicia” Clark gave Wykeshia Reid illegal butt injections which apparently killed her.

DPD says they did it at Lash Bar in Deep Ellum, posing as medical professionals. They weren’t.

Reid was left overnight wrapped with bloody gauze, dead. Now the alleged fake doctors are on the run.

“Obviously really sad. Every year there are thousands of illegal injections performed in the United States.”

Yep, that’s right. Almost all of those injections used Black Market substances.

“Make sure you’re going to a board certified plastic surgeon,” Dr. Sam Jejurikar said. “It’s crazy, some of the things that we see. I’ve seen free silicone, mineral oil, motor oil, vaseline, Fix-a-Flat.”

Since Reid’s death, another woman who claims she got a botched butt job by Ross and Clark has come forward. She told cops the duo injected seven syringes of hydrogel into her bottom, then covered the injection holes with super glue to keep anything from leaking out.

“Hydrogel is a water-based lubricant. The effects can be severe scarring, tissue death, or it can be more serious- -respiratory failure, cardiac failure, shock,” Dr. Jejurikar explained.

We stopped by one fo the suspect’s houses where a Bentley was spotted parked out back yesterday.

Hey, when the cops find these two, they’ll be looking at life in the big house.