Backlash Brews After Woman’s Eye Lash Extensions Leave Her Weeping

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- A lot of women have had their eyes on this beauty trend for a good minute. So,  that's why Ima Himes decided to hit up her local beauty salon for eyelash extensions, a process used to enhance the length and width of your lashes!

"I asked her how much it was," Himes explains in an interview with Fox 59. "She said, '$20.'  I said 'hmm, that's kind of cheap.' I looked around and saw everybody in there and said it can't be that bad."

It wasn't until the next morning when Himes really couldn't believe her eyes--  they were swollen and runny. It turns out the technician who put on her false lashes had used the wrong kind of glue to tack them on!

"I wanted to see what kind of glue she was using because it wasn't a familiar smell," Himes added. "I looked and it was actually hair glue!"

Typically hair weave glue is used to bond hair tracks to the hair on your head and not the hair on your eyelids.

"I say adhesive and not glue," said Kate Shaughnessy with Lash & Brow Design Co.  "I'm not using glue,  I'm using adhesive. We use a medical grade and that's doing it correctly. That's been trained properly. That's certified and that is licensed!"

Now Himes can also see the difference but that was after the damage had already been done. She says after having to use baby oil to take off the hair glue and fake lashes,  she ended up losing her real lashes too!


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