Back Up Plan: Cowboys running backs look to step up with Zeke gone

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Running Back Darren McFadden (#20) looks on as Alfred Morris (#46) runs a drill at Wednesday’s practice. (Photo: Tim Roberts)

FRISCO, TX — The Cowboys were back on the practice field Wednesday, but with one noticeable absence with Ezekiel Elliott now officially serving his 6 game suspension. He’s still appealing his case to the Second Circuit Court, but the Boys are moving on like he won’t be on the field Sunday.

But ever the optimist, Coach Garrett says the team is confident in the 3 guys that would try to combine to replace Zeke.

“Alfred Morris, Darren McFadden and Rod Smith will all get opportunities to carry the football for us in different situations,” Garrett said at his daily press conference. “We have great confidence in those guys.”

Well, so far this year, Morris and Smith have combined for just 174 total yards through 7 games, while McFadden hasn’t even been active in a game yet. So, on the bright side at least they’ll all be rested, right?

Of course the team won’t make any excuses. They say they’re ready for life without Zeke.

“There’s no pressure, I mean I’ve done this before,” Alfred Morris said. “I came out a rookie and I’ve done this before, I’ve done my first three years over a thousand yards, I was productive.”

“My expectations for this team are high regardless of who’s at running back, who’s at receiver, who’s at offensive line,” Quarterback Dak Prescott told reporters.

Hey, maybe this fight brings this whole team together and they come out swinging and proving how good they can be. Or maybe this suspension will mean an early end to a season that started with Super Bowl hopes.

It all may rest in the hands of three backup running backs now.

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