Back in Town: One Fugitive Returns; The Other Might, Too

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DENTON–Two fugitives from justice in north Texas hit the road, one to Arizona, and one to Mexico.

Now one is back in north Texas and it appears the other will be soon.

Cops in Denton say Eric Jamal Johnson was the gunman who shot and killed Sara Mutschlechner.
The UNT junior was driving her friends home after a New Year’s Eve party.

His run didn’t last long.
Just four days later, cops tracked him down at his military base in Arizona.
Even though he chose *not* to fight extradition to Texas, the process to get him back took over two weeks.
He was booked into the Denton county jail early Thursday morning.

Then there’s Ethan Couch.
Yeah, we know you’re tired of hearing about him. We’re tired of *talking* about him.
But if you’re eager to see him face justice for a drunk driving crash that killed four people, then *this* is good news.

His lawyers say Couch will be back in Texas “within the next few weeks.”
Whenever Couch *does* show up, you’ll hear more about the wreck, the “affluenza” defense, the apparent probation violation, the “Mexican Misadventure” with his mommy and the push to move his case from juvie to adult court.

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