Back in Service? Romo Practices, Expected to Start Sunday

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LONDON — The Cowboys are in the UK. And it doesn’t matter what continent you’re on, all eyes are on Tony Romo and his back as the quarterback finally returned to the practice field.

“It’s sore — the normal kind of thing coming back from,” Romo said. “It loosened up a little bit as you moved through it, I think, and then it gets to where it’s just normal stuff.”

Well, has enough been done to get #9 and his back, back on the field Sunday?

“We’ll see. I think we’ll keep taking it day-by-day and just see what happens as we move closer. And it’s improving each day, and I think we did some things today that were positive. And if keeps going that direction we`ll have a good chance,” Romo said.

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Jerry thinks there’s a “good chance” Romo will play five more years. Yeah, Jones reportedly says Romo wants to an offensive coordinator one day.

Wonder if Coach Romo would bench Brandon Weeden this weekend?

Something else has benched: The Cowboys UK hashtag.

Yeah, apparently somebody realized it… uhhh… sucked.

It’s now vanished from all the most recent tweets from the team.

Well, with their social media snafu gone, and their starting quarterback back, we hope. Looks like the ‘Boys are one step closer to moving from America’s Team to Britain’s Team, too.

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