Baby Boom: Ice Storm to Blame for Increase in Births

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DALLAS – Oh baby! Doctors around North Texas are experiencing a baby boom.

Bayor Medical Center reportedly saw 50 more deliveries in July than last year. And plenty of women are pregnant and ready to deliver in the next few weeks.

“They’re a lot of storks up in our neighborhood,” first time father John Carter said. “In fact neighbors across the street were up here having a baby two days before us.”

September 5th has apparently been declared ‘D-day,’ and all of these deliveries can be blamed on last year’s ice storm. You remember being snuggled under the covers to stay warm when the storm hit on Dec. 5th.

Stuck at home with nothing to do – you do the math.

So now that bellied are at full bloom, what are hospitals doing to prepare for the baby melee?

“In looking in comparison to our summer months and the winter months that we’ve had, we actually staff up in our core staffing to be able to accommodate for the number of patients that are coming in to deliver their babies,” Shawna Robertson said. Robertson is a Labor and delivery nurse at Baylor Medical Center.

Well, brace yourself for what’s to come, because there’s no returning these special deliveries.

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