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A North Texas nonprofit is making their mission all about babies and blankets!

Love Thy Neighbor focuses on community needs for the homeless, hungry and families who just might be having a hard time. And together with Parkland Hospital, they help eliminate the baby blues for babies born premature, with the Love Thy Baby program.

“They put together huge amounts of these beautiful blankets….  Quilts, receiving blankets, hand knitted quilts and they’re able to deliver to us once a month and we’re able to provide all these beautiful things for our families here at Parkland.”

The active group of 100 volunteers works seamlessly to deliver more than 36,000 items per year to infants in need.

“We go through an assembly line, we take a stack of receiving blankets, bins of socks, hats, booties, and onesies and then we’ll take all of those put them into the package and take all those down to Parkland for a little kit they can use at home.”

Parkland Health & Hospital system delivers 10,000 babies per year and according to statistics about 85% of those little ones are born in need. But with a program like Love Thy Baby, you can be sure those babies are going home with more than just a blanket.

“I just want to say thank you and I appreciate it the thing that you do, the time that you give into doing these things and giving it to people like us.”