Axed New York Times Editor Speaks

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Axed New York Times Editor Speaks

NEW YORK, NY- A grey moment for the Grey Lady…

The New York Times just fired its first ever female editor in chief– Jill Abramson, making the announcement to a stunned newsroom. Dean Baquet  — took charge immediately, becoming the paper’s first black executive editor.

Since this news broke, some jaws still haven’t come up from hitting the floor.

Abramson’s a loyal old-‘Times-er’– she even has the “t” tattooed on her back. And for her part, she`s keeping relatively mum.  But her daughter Instagrammed a pic with the caption “mom’s badass new hobby #girls #pushy.”

See, no one really knows why Abramson got the can so abruptly. The Times’ publisher says they weren’t wild about her management style,  but the New Yorker called BS on that, claiming Abramson found out she was being paid less than a former male editor. They report she confronted an already-frustrated corporate brass and was edited off the masthead.

No surprise: the Times denies this.

Abramson broke her silence Monday, speaking at Wake Forest University’s commencement… and to a media feeding frenzy.

Sure, all the  news that’s fit to print… “guys.”

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