Austin considering renaming city because of founder’s ties to slavery

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AUSTIN -- Can you "Keep Austin Weird" if it's not Austin anymore?

That's right, the Texas capital may be getting a name change!

"We don't really think about it as 'Oh wow, that's a Confederate name.' We're just going to look at it as Austin," Malachi Al-Zuraqi said. "At the end of the day it's still history."

A little history lesson, the City of Austin was founded by Stephen F. Austin who was pro-slavery back in the day. Fast forward to today where the city is now considering cutting ties with the "Father of Texas" altogether because of it.

However, it's not just his name some officials want to be a thing in the past. Parks, streets, and even a few landmarks are on the list too.

"I think it'll still be Austin. It'll still be called Austin. There are so many great things that happen in Austin because of the people of Austin," Quin Millener said.

For example, Plantation Road, Dixie Drive and Confederate Avenue are on the list of streets that might get a new name. The price tag for just renaming seven streets is around $6,000.

If this is sounding familiar, it's because this debate already played out in the Big D with Robert E. Lee's statue and area schools named after well known men of the confederacy.

"We shouldn't deny it but I think that the change might end up being a positive thing," Hannah Meyer said.

Even though the Robert E. Lee statue was removed and is now sitting in a warehouse somewhere, the base is still standing in Oak Lawn Park.

According to the City of Dallas, the cost to remove it is estimated at a whopping $223,000.

Which means the City of Austin and the base ofRobert E. Lee's statue have one thing in common: their futures are most certainly up in the air!

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