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Two Keller ISD students got a heartwarming surprise during a Veterans Day assembly Friday.

Micah and Joshua Coffey’s aunt,  Breana Coffey, has been stationed at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for over a year. On her first visit back home, she decided to surprise her two nephews at Shady Grove Elementary.

Yeah, the boys were pretty excited.

“It feels good,” Micah and Joshua said.

And they plan to do lots of fun things together like play Risk.

Breanna says she has to go back in a week but she’s excited to spend time with the family.

“They’ve gotten so big, so, you know, seeing them and just being with them, and just watching them from whenever I left,” she said. “They’ve grown so much, you miss so much being away from home.”

Now that’s what we call a great Veteran’s Day celebration!

“Thank you, everybody, for your support, we really do appreciate it. Thank you,” Breanna said.