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DALLAS, Texas—Disturbing new 911 calls have been released in the case of D’Lisa Kelley — the 24-year-old pregnant North Texas mother murdered back in March.

911 Call:

Operator: Did you want to report her as a missing person? 

Grandmother: (Distressed) Can someone come help? 

That’s Kelly’s grandmother trying to report her granddaughter missing. She’d just received a call from her granddaughter screaming for her life.

But what might even be just as shocking, is the call between the 911 operator and DPD Sergeant Kevin Mansell.

911 Call:

Operator: …and you know, do a missing or something?

Sergeant:  Ehh..

Operator:  Or no?

Sergeant:  Not yet. 

Sergeant: How old is this girl?

Operator:  She’s 24.

Sergeant:  Nah…Nah.

Operator:  It’s her granddaughter, but she never goes out missing.  And there’s one more thing. She’s pregnant. 

Sergeant:  Well, sounds like she’s been missing before. That’s how she got in that situation. 

Operator:  But she’s 24, come on.

Sergeant:  (Laughter)

“That was disrespectful,” family spokesman Dominique Alexander said.  “Surround the Kelley family and the Kelley alert in firing Sgt. Kevin Mansell from the force.”

Now Kelley’s family, along with Justice Seekers of Texas, is pushing the Kelley Alert.

“Maybe D’Lisa Kelley and the baby she was carrying would be here today.  But unfortunately, because of what you have all heard in the 911 tape, it wasn’t a priority. D’Lisa Kelley is not here today,” Rev. Ronald Wright with Justice Seekers said.

The initiative would enforce police searches before the 72 hour missing person requirement similar to a Silver or Amber Alert. It would also charge officers with treating calls with urgency if it sounds like there is crisis on the other end.

“Where she was found and where she was last seen on camera was less than a mile,” Alexander added.  “This could be your daughter, this could be your cousin, this could be your sister.”