Attack of the Grackle!!

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DALLAS FORT WORTH – When you leave work to head home do you feel like like you’re in a movie?

“Definitely reminds me of that Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds,” Brendon Cole, who works in Plano, said.

Yeah.  Ya know you’re in trouble when you see that huge black cloud in the sky.

“They’re screaming.  They’re flying around everywhere.  What can you do?” Jared Julian, who was pumping gas in the area, said.

That cloud is made up of the Grackle.  A bird that looks a lot like the crow.   They’re everywhere.  On top of our cars.  Looming over our shopping centers and grocery stores.  Sitting in ominous rows on power lines.

DFW has become the destination for grackles during December’s migration.  Hey, they may look mean, but don’t worry.  They’re not likely to attack.

“They never are.  The only problem with the birds is the droppings,”  Mike Doan, Part Owner of Odyssey Pets, explains.

So if you or your car are in the line of fire and dodging incoming from above.  Don’t worry.  Doan has a solution.  His Business complex found a way to rid themselves of the grackles.  They set up a sound system outside.

“Controlled noise and sound frequencies to keep them agitated and moving on,” Doan explains.  “Systems like this are the only thing you can do to really have an effect.”

But when you see Zombies.  Definitely run for your life!

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