AT&T Stadium Hosts World Cup Viewing

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ARLINGTON — Man! AT & T stadium was half full or half empty depending on the way you look at it for the game against Belgium. They all watched on the big screen.

A world cup ‘runneth over ‘for a spot in the quarterfinals -there hasn’t been this much interest here in anyone from Brussels since Jean Claude Van Damme had a film in a U.S. movie theater.

No Hollywood ending, though. There was drama. Many ups and downs.
It went to extra time scoreless, but we could not overcome two goals. We lost 2 to 1.

Broe Reeve is steaming mad with his American boxing gloves.

“If I see a Belgium person on the street, there might be problems,” Reeve says, lifting his gloves.

So, we can all wait for another four years. Britney Lumbard will be there.

“We’re coming at them the next four years — the next World Cup. That was a heartbreaker,” Lumbard says.

All you closet soccer fans can go back in the closet and get ready for ‘our’ football. Kinda fitting thousands of Cowboy fans were here. They’re used to getting their hearts broken. Many of them who cried used Ismael Sanabria’s American flag to wipe away the tears.

Ismael Sanabria: “Our flag is now tear soaked.”

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