ATM Stolen From Angelika in Dallas

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DALLAS — We’ve all had that feeling of wanting to catch a late movie, but you missed the last showing. Well, we’re pretty sure that’s not what three thieves had in mind when they broke into the Angelika early Monday.

Cops say they pried the door open and took off with the money machine.

According to DPD, this makes the 55th ATM theft this year.

So, what can businesses do to keep from playing a starring role in their own crime movie? Cops suggest moving the machines away from the entrance, putting up concrete barriers and setting up HD security cameras.

“Obviously, the video today was captured by security video in the strip center itself. But anything they can do to provide us with high-definition video will help us catch the bad guys,” Major Bill Humphrey with DPD said.

DPD hopes by skipping the theatrical release and sending this video straight to their website that somebody will turn one of these guys in.

“Somebody knows who these guys are, because they’re talking. They’re talking to their friends, they’re talking to other bad guys, and at some point, we hope that that information gets back to us,” Humphrey said.

So, now the plot thickens and it’s now a game of  “Catch Me if You Can!”

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