Astronomical Mission: Astronaut Lands in Dallas

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DALLAS, TX – Remember the newly discovered asteroid that just so happened to introduce itself to the world – with a dangerously close fly over New Zealand a few weeks ago? Yea – that was intense.

Well, now one astronaut is setting his sights beyond the stars in space. Meet Dr. Ed Lu. He was at Dallas’ Perot Museum. Dr. Lu is a three-time U.S. Shuttle astronaut, who’s logged 206 days exploring our galaxy.

And it doesn’t stop there. Dr. Lu is developing his first private mission in space.

“We’re building an astronomical time machine,” Dr. Lu said.

Okay. Translation?

“We’re building a mission that can go find and track asteroids accurately enough so that we know where every one of these significant sized asteroids is going to be out to the next century,” Dr. Lu said.

That sounds like stellar mission. Now remember, this planetary project – which he’s calling the Sentinel Mission – isn’t backed by government bucks. So why do it privately.
“Two reasons. One, because the government isn’t doing it and it needs to be done. And two, because we can,” Dr. Lu said.

Now, this mission is going to need a few things like a rocket, a deep space infrared telescope, and millions of dollars.

However, in the end, Dr. Ed Lu believes this astronomical mission will be worth it.

“The Sentinel Mission is the most important thing I’ve ever done,” Dr. Lu Said. “What are we here on Earth for if not to make it better for future generations.”
That’s right Doc. Thanks for reaching for the stars, err – asteroids.

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