Asteroid Overhead: Don’t Worry Your Weekend Plans are Safe

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WASHINGTON, D.C.-Attention everyone! An asteroid is approaching Earth!

Asteroid 86666 spans about 1.5 miles wide and while that's wide enough to take us earthlings out, NASA reports that the asteroid will pass earth 15 million miles away.

Not nearly close enough to pose a real threat. This space rock is expected to fly as close as it will get to earth on Saturday.

NASA's Near Earth Object Office says there's zero threat of any Earth impact in the future.

Even NASA's official asteroid watch Twitter page discredited the threat of impact to Earth.

Just days after doomsdayers said the end of the world was upon us, well, we're all still here and by the looks of it, we aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Even with Asteroid 86666's fly by.

Looks like your weekend plans won't be diverted, carry on.

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