Article claims Iceland will pay men to marry an Icelandic woman

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Hey, guys! Need a little love in your life–and a lot of cash?

Well, the lover’s paradise of Iceland has a deal for you.

An article claims the country will pay you €4,500 a month to marry an Icelandic woman. That’s nearly $5,500 a month or $65k a year!

All you have to do is marry an Icelander and move to Iceland.

The story says the government is trying to boost its demographics because the number of children is dwindling there.

This story’s been around for a couple of years, so a newspaper in Reykjavik actually published a story called “No, the government will not pay you to marry an Icelander.”

The story says Iceland actually has 1,007 men for every thousand women and the Icelandic government absolutely does not have any kind of grant in place for immigrants who marry Icelanders, regardless of gender.

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