Arrow S05 E15: Felicity descends deeper into darkness, the debut of Mr. Terrfic’s T-Spheres and Prometheus unmasked!

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We start our show with Mayor Oliver Queen up for impeachment for covering up the Arrow’s involvement in Detective Billy Malone’s death.

Despite Oliver not being suited up as Arrow, this episode had plenty of action Oliver, Dinah, the Vigilante, Wilddog, Spartan, Mr. Terrific and Prometheus!

With Oliver up for impeachment, this gives this Vigilante reason to go after Oliver. And in the battle Dinah reveals herself as a meta-human via her canary cry. Vigilante’s googles even zoom in on her as if documenting her identity.

Okay wait let me back up. And this is going to get spoilery in terms of comic history.

The very first identity of Vigilante in the comics is… are you ready? Adrian Chase!

Do the actions of television’s DA Adrian Chase make sense now? Hasn’t it seemed unusual that Adrian was willing to go along in the Malone cover up?

Didn’t Adrian’s willingness to follow all of Oliver’s directions relating to Arrow seem odd if he didn’t already know Oliver’s secret identity?

So moments later when Adrian approaches Dinah offering to check on the found piece of Vigilante tech, it seems as if he’s not only identified Dinah as a part of the Green Arrow team but he’s trying to cover the Vigilante’s tracks.

But wait!

Prometheus finally makes his return this episode in a battle with the Vigilante for the right to be the one to take down the Green Arrow, and here’s the big reveal.

Cover your eyes and ears children if you don’t want to know.

After the Vigilante exits the battle, Prometheus removes his mask and it’s… Adrian Chase!

So what’s happening here? Is Adrian Chase Prometheus? Or is Adrian Chase Vigilante like in the comics?

One key part of the comics identity is that Adrian Chase eventually becomes mentally unstable over his actions and a later incarnation of the Vigilante character Justin Powell suffered from multiple personalities.

Is it possible that Adrian is both Vigilante and Prometheus?

But we did see them fighting against each other in this episode?

Producer Wendy Mericle said they wanted to take the comic book mythology and turn it on it’s head.

And producer Marc Guggenheim tells us we won’t know Vigilante's identity this season but they do know who it is… uh-huh… sure you do.

There are some notable absences though that could be the Vigilante.

First Christopher Chance the Human Target and another member of Team Arrow did vanish suddenly two episodes ago.

With Mayor Queen’s administration on the line, Felicity uses the hacker knowledge base Helix in an attempt to manipulate the one swing vote on the council.

But it’s after Thea suggests setting up deceased detective Malone for the fall, that Oliver comes to realize he needs his own scapegoat, so he mixes truth into a confessional press conference telling everyone the Green Arrow has gone rogue.

This absolution moment spares Oliver from impeachment but brands the Arrow as public enemy number one.

During the press conference, the rest of Team Arrow takes on the Vigilante who’s set up to assassinate Mayor Queen.

Curtis had use the newly created T-Spheres to locate the Vigilante based on tech he left behind. Plus we got to see the T-Spheres in action taking down the Vigilante. AWESOME!

And in our end of episode Felicity joins the hacktivist group Helix taking her down a much darker path.

Up next? More Adrian Chase as Prometheus as the villain is revealed! Plus Susan Williams in peril.

All the pieces are on the board for the next new arrow… Checkmate!

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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