Armed Robbers Attack Pokemon Players at White Rock Lake

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DALLAS — In a perfect world, it might be safe to walk around a city park in the middle of the night, holding hundreds of dollars of glowing electronics. But in this world, not so much.

Folks have been finding that out the hard way at White Rock Lake in Dallas, running into more than just Pokemon while trying to catch ’em all.

Dallas PD reports there have been at least two robberies – at gunpoint! – at the park in the past month.  Both well after midnight, both by groups of three men, and both ending with the victim’s phone being stolen.

It’s a scary thought for folks who go to the park for their Pokemon hunting, like Ben Cupiditas.

“I come up here, catch a fish – Magikarp,” said Cupiditas. “I was out here last night, and I was a little scared, it was a little dark out here.”

Hey, go figure.

Of course, it’s not just happening in Dallas.

Arlington Police have reported four Pokemon-Go-related robberies, and Irving PD went to the trouble of creating a whole video dedicated to safety tips for the popular game.

But Cupiditas says the game isn’t to blame.  “I mean that’s just a people thing.  You know, there’s good people, there’s bad people.   I wouldn’t be surprised, honestly, out here in the dark.”

Yeah. Sadly, maybe a park trail isn’t the safest place to be late at night.  Be safe out there, folks.

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