Arlington Dog’s Leg Chewed Off in Brutal Attack, Owner Fights Back

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ARLINGTON — It’s a pet owner’s worst nightmare: coming home to find your dog in a pool of blood. That’s what happened to Kim Ashley of Arlington.

A neighbor’s pit bull — with an alleged history of violence against neighborhood animals — escaped its owner’s yard, and apparently, brutally attacked Ashley’s dog Marnie through the fence.

“Had he got under the fence and into my yard, he would have killed all my dogs,” Ashley told NewsFix.

Yeah… Marnie was lucky.  Surgery saved her life.  But it couldn’t save her front left leg, which had been chewed down to the bone. Now, she’s learning to walk on just three legs.

As for the neighbor’s dog, Ashley says she called Arlington Animal Services but was told they couldn’t do anything about it because according to Arlington’s city code, the pit bull wasn’t considered a “dangerous animal.”

Wait — huh??

Get this: apparently, to be considered dangerous in Arlington, a dog has to have threatened or attacked a person.  Other dogs and cats don’t count unless the attack is in progress.

The day after Marnie lost her leg, another neighbor’s cat lost its life to the same pit bull.  This time, the pit was picked up by Animal Services.  When the owner reportedly said he didn’t want the dog, it was euthanized.

Now, Kim Ashley has made it her mission, on behalf of Marnie, to change the “dangerous animal” definition in Arlington.  And she’s taking her “Marnie’s Law” crusade to City Hall.

“We’re not gonna stop pushing until we see laws changed,” Ashley said. “Before something else happens to someone else.”

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