Arlington Cop Shot Serving Warrant Ready to Return to Work

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ARLINGTON, TX — It’s National Police Week, and while the nation honors its fallen officers, Thursday Arlington PD honored one of its own who put his life on the line while wearing the badge.

Eddie Johnston was shot in the hip while attempting to serve an arrest warrant last month for a murder suspect at an apartment complex near UTA.

But his concern was immediately not about himself.

“My first thought was that I don’t want to freak my wife out,” Johnston told reporters.

But the terrifying nature of the situation did in fact “freak out” his wife.

“Every police wife’s worst nightmare,” his wife Kristie said. “I think the reality is that we know what’s involved with having our husbands and wives out there, but until it happens to you, you don’t realize the magnitude.”

But they’ve also been able to feel the magnitude of the community’s support.

“The calls, the texts, the visits, everything has been phenomenal,” said Kristie.

It’s already been a scary year for North Texas cops — from the killing of David Hofer to the massive injuries sustained by Matt Pearce. Eddie Johnston knows he was fortunate, and he’s not going to let it stop him from getting right back to work.

“I never had one thought in my head that I didn’t want to go back to doing this. Not even once,” he said. “I love it, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

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