Arizona man shows off with rattlesnake, takes two bites to the face

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COOLIDGE, Ariz. – An Arizona man says now that he’s been bitten by a rattlesnake three times in his life, he’s learned his lesson and knows for sure that you shouldn’t play with rattlesnakes.

Victor Pratt says the most recent rattlesnake to bite him showed up during a family birthday celebration, according to KSAZ. Pratt’s first thought was the encounter would be a great way to show his children how he used to play with snakes — or so he thought.

“When the kids saw it, I grabbed it. I showed them how to catch it and I was playing with it like little kids do. ‘This is how you play with a snake.’ I wasn’t thinking. I was showing off, like I always do, and this time it got me,” Pratt said. The rattler bit Pratt two times, once on the face and once on his neck.

It just makes you wonder if there were a bunch of little baby rattlesnakes hiding somewhere, watching their dad show them, ‘This is how you get a human to stop playing with you,’ doesn’t it?

Fortunately, Pratt knew what to do, having suffered a rattlesnake bite to the hand when he was 19 years-old. “I know it takes eight seconds for the venom to go through your body, so I went to the nearest hospital,” he said.

Doctors say the outcome could have been much different had Pratt waited to seek medical attention. So far, he’s been given 26 vials of anti-venom medication — at $3,000 a pop for the hospital — and he may need more.

Pratt’s warning: “Think before you got out there and play with rattlesnakes.”

Gotcha, Victor. Most of us were probably already on that page, but we’re glad you’re here with us now.

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