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ARGYLE, TX — In 2005, then 2009, and again in 2013 they were there towering over the crowds and making sure everyone had a front row seat.

“It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are in it. It’s just a historic moment that it’s a peaceful transition of power. To be a part of that is just really special,” said GoVision Founder and CEO Chris Curtis.

Now, GoVision is about to get yuuugggee, bringing their custom LED screens from small town Argyle all the way back to D.C. for Donald Trump’s inauguration, their fourth in a row.

“This story broke that we were doing it, and here you are, so I think the interest is way up for this thing,” Curtis laughed.

The Donald has been the victim on video boards before. Just this past election season someone hacked a TxDOT sign to say ‘Donald Trump is a shape shifting lizard.’ So is there any risk of hacking on one of his biggest days?

The first part of a Donald Trump related hack on a TxDOT sign in May, 2016.
The first part of a Donald Trump-related hack on a TxDOT sign in May 2016.
The second part of a Donald Trump related hack on a TxDOT sign in May, 2016.
The second part of a Donald Trump-related hack on a TxDOT sign in May 2016.

“The signal is an internal signal there. Somebody could break into that signal’s path, I think, but we could overcome that instantly back at the truck,” Curtis said.

Also, whether it’s out of celebration or protest, nothing’s stopping these GoVision monitors from doing their job. There’s a video on their website of a Muse guitarist throwing his guitar against the monitor three times with no effect, and the GoVision team has done their own ‘testing’.

“We actually were fiddling around here over the holiday and started throwing baseballs at it to test it ourselves, and it repeals those,” Curtis said.

The company, created in 2002, is only getting bigger. All eyes have been on their screens at the inaugurations, when Pope Francis visited the United States, at the Final Four, the College Football Playoff, the New York Marathon, Bristol Motor Speedway’s Colossus TV, and much more.

What goes into a job like this one, though? I mean, other than the intense security, the clearances through a number of national groups and the interference coming from hundreds of different TV signals?

“We have 11 screens as part of the official ceremony,” Curtis said. “In total, I think we’re gonna have about 17 screens in the DC area.”

Following Chicago’s New Year’s celebration and the Rose Bowl this week, it’s onward to DC with their LED spectacles. And after that? See you at the Super Bowl!