Argyle and Nearby Towns Prepare for Active Shooter Incidents

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ARGYLE, Texas–From an office in San Bernardino, California, to downtown Denver, and even a Walmart in Amarillo, it seems like we’re hearing more and more about “active shooters.”

If it seems like it can happen anywhere, you’re right.

Even a small town like Argyle, in Denton County, isn’t immune.

“It can happen here just as much as it can happen anywhere else,” said Argyle school district police chief Paul Cairney.

That’s why they brought in cops, firefighters, and even medical helicopters from all over–all to practice for “what if.”

“Even our tactics as police officers, as medics, they’ve been changing,” Cairney said. “They’ve been evolving over the last few years. So now we’re bringing all that information together. We’re trying new things”.

If argyle high school looked like a disaster scene, well, that was the idea.

Now they’re as ready as you *can* be–after a day of training that they hope they never have to use.

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