Are you ready for TSA security adjustments this summer?

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DALLAS, TX - It’s summer, and that means many of us are hitting the beach, but before you can do that, you have to hit the skies, and you may see some changes at airport security.

In a statement, the TSA said 10 pilot airports across the country were adjusting screening procedures, and may ask you to "place certain electronics and other items in a separate bin” to try to de-clutter.

In fact, many of have noticed heightened security in other airports recently across the U.S. as well.

“This summer as we all go out and summer travel, and the long lines," says Security Expert, Robert Caltabiano, "and the convenience verse the security aspect of things, TSA is having to play constant checkup and catch-up on the public."

And if you ask the TSA the question why, the response is, "Recently evaluated intelligence indicates terrorist groups continue to advance multiple efforts to target the aviation sector.

TSA reminds travelers they’re always updating their screening.

"Number one is, do you really need it?" says Caltabiano, "number two is, go through and look at your items, you know you can’t bring a bottle of water."

He says know the regulations, put yourself in TSA's shoes, and try to have fun.

“When we make it more fun again, we win, the terrorists lose," says Caltabiano.

Enough said!

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