Are wealthy families cheating on college prep tests? No one may ever know

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DALLAS — Helping your kids with their homework is one thing, but apparently there are some parents who go to the extreme when it comes to helping their kids find success.

Research from the ACT says more and more students are using accommodations to take the tests. Are more students actually in need of assistance, though?

According to the New York Post, the answer is no!

The ACT says about 5% of students who take the test, get special treatment; like extra time to complete the exam. That percentage has doubled in the last 15 years.

Now, a representative from the ACT says there are families who are concerned that “some students who have wealthy parents can pay a doctor to say the student has a disability.”

While the concern is there, there’s not much anyone can do about it since the organization has to recognize legitimate doctor’s notes.

If parents are really doing this, doctors like Sylvia Gearing say this is the exact type of behavior teenagers don’t need.

“This kind of behavior marginalizes the kids that are playing by the rules and punishes them for not doing similar things. It’s a way to out-game the system and that’s not fair,” Clinical Psychologists Dr. Sylvia Gearing said.

There’s also concern about parents paying for prescriptions that enhances performance. That’s another thing doctor gearing says is unacceptable.

“Once you begin to be deceitful in life, that can increase. If you legitimize this behavior now, it can become a habit later,” she said.

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