Are Dads Getting Duped on Father’s Day?

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USA – For those of you who live under a rock, today is Father’s Day. When it comes to gifts, things that topped dad’s wish-list may surprise you.

A survey from revealed gift cards and quality time with the family, topped the list at 17% each.

This year, not many dads are asking for home improvement products. According to the survey, only 3% of dads wanted a gift of that nature.

As far as technology goes, Apple takes the cake for most sought after gadget brand, with 33%.

However, it seems like dads get the shaft when it comes to their big day. The numbers don’t lie. It seems people don’t put a lot of thought into Pops’ present, at least compared to what they do for Mom’s.

Survey says: 86% of people buy gifts for Mom on her day, compared to 77% for dear old Dad.

But there’s more! Folks are even spending less on their Father’s Day gifts, than they do for mommy dearest.

So remember, don’t dupe dad. It’s his day. Give your pops some props, and buy him something; a card at least.

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