Anti-bullying PSA tugs at heartstrings

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KENNEDALE -- If you think bullying a kid at school doesn't bleed over into the real world, this video might change your mind.

The emotional PSA was produced by a local company, Four Horsemen Productions, at Kennedale High School. And it was made to draw attention to just how serious bullying can be, especially with the power of social media at everyone's fingertips.

"Bullying has been going on for years and years and now that technology has advanced you now have cyber bullying," said Tyler Case, the owner of Four Horsemen Productions. "So we wanted to create a video more towards the bullies, cause I feel like the way bullying is gonna stop is if you can impact the bullies."

Sure many kids are bullied across the country on a daily basis, and situations where they kill themselves, are probably more of an exception than the rule. But make no mistake, bullying can be dangerous for everyone involved and that's, in part, what motivated Tyler and his team to make this video.

"Not only that bullying a huge thing in the world right now, but with technology advancing, and you have cyber bullying and with people committing suicide live on social media, I mean, we just thought this was the time to get this out there, get it produced and make a difference."

So think before the next time you want to bully someone - or live stream them being bullied - because it may end in a way you never imagined.

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