Another Dallas dog bites a child, what will the city do this time?

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DALLAS-- Another dog bite is making news headlines around Dallas. A dog named Rusty bit a toddler during an adoption event in Klyde Warren Park over the weekend.

It`s like deja vu.

Remember Lamb of God? The infamous dog spared from doggie death row after biting a child.

What Rusty did is serious enough to put him on doggie death row, also. And get this, the same judge is handling the case.

But, you know what takes the cake? Some of the same people who saved Lamby`s life are now trying to get Rusty a second chance.

Which, begs the question. Did all the attention given to Lamby set a new precedent? Seriously! What`s the city going to do now? Side with every dog who bites someone? Or, say that Lamby was 'a special case?'

Well, the Department of Animal Services says they have Rusty, but aren't commenting on his future.

To better understand what`s going on, we talked to a dog trainer today. Breyers Lane, owner of Breyers' Canine Home Academy says it`s a very complex issue. "In most cases, dogs bite people out of fear."

Fear. That`s what advocates for both Lamby and Rusty claim was the reason for the bite.

Lane says, "That`s how dogs fight naturally, they use their teeth so they are fearful or they feel like they have to defend their territory, or they are not used to being around a lot of people. Naturally a dog needs to be socialized, if they are not socialized a person is very suspicious."

Lane has successfully retrained aggressive dogs, and says training is very important, not just for show, but for everyone`s safety. Which, is what some people argue a second chance will give rusty.

So what's the city to do?

It`s all rather ironic because one thing they teach in dog training, there are consequences for your actions.

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